Chicago startup, Legal-lease, featured in Voyage Magazine

This Chicago startup appreciates the news coverage

I would like to thank Voyage Chicago for featuring legal-lease, a Chicago Startup I founded. For anyone not familiar with Voyage, its mission is simple.  To build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs that make our city interesting.  As expected, this mission extends to startups.

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My time these days is divided between managing a thriving commercial real estate practice and getting my Chicago startup, legal-lease, off the ground.  I won’t lie, it’s tough trying to launch something new and gain traction in the marketplace.  The Startup scene in Chicago may not be as robust as it is on the coasts or in Austin. We do however have a strong community here built of solid companies with clever ideas.

I look forward to continuing down this path and advancing legal-lease from a startup into full fledge enterprise.  Consequently, I am actively seeking a cofounder, especially someone with a background in tech.   The next step is to raise capital (up to this point, this business is been purely funded by my own resources).  FYI – I am profitable to date!!!!!

I invite all those who read this post to visit my site and reach out if you’d like to talk more!


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