Discovering great spaces & great synergies

The Legal-lease™ platform is dedicated to matching legal and other professionals with available shared law office space in established firms. These arrangements can greatly reduce operating expenses for both parties, helping them improve their bottom line. In some cases, these office sharing arrangements allow for synergies between the parties in developing new business and generating referrals. Many of the lawyers using our platform to find or list shared law office space have recommended us to others.

Finding Office Space

If you are searching for available shared law office space, you may view all of the listings for free.  Just use the search bar located on the home page to find the space that meets your needs.

Listing Office Space

If you are looking to list shared law office space, please visit the listing page where you can create your own customized listing. From this page, you will complete an online form that will populate all of the information in your listing. After viewing your online listing, you can decide to post it to our platform or terminate the listing. If you choose to post the listing to our platform, you will be charged on a monthly basis through our secure online payment portal.