Why should entrepreneurial professionals share space

No matter which profession you’re in, Lawyer, Doctor, Financial Planner, etc., you will need suitable space with great amenities for meeting with clients as well as networking with your other professionals. For a solo professional, finding opportunities to interact with other like minded professionals can be a challenge.A typical sublease with a small firm may be one option, but there can be drawbacks, especially with the potential for long commitments and onerous terms. Now there are other space sharing arrangements available that can help mitigate both concerns. Legal-lease is a pioneer in helping small businesses locate these kinds of opportunities. We started this business with a focus on the legal profession, allowing attorneys and law firms to sublease individual offices to other attorneys. Now this service is open to all professions. If you have spare space, no matter what profession you are in, Legal-lease can help.

March 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ OpenSpace3