Law suite – technology Part 2

Law suite and technology

If you rent space in a law suite, this info is important.  It is also important for members in office centers, coworking centers, and executive suites.

The Law Technology Today blog recently posted an article discussing document security. This article talks about some points for law suite tenants.  Most points are for e-signatures.  Additionally, these lessons are good for related solutions. The lessons discussed in this article are also important for other professions.  Also, they are recommended for office suites, executive offices, and coworking centers.

The six lessons that law suite tenants should consider

Below is a list of the six key points that this article mentioned. Document security is the focus.  All of those reading this article should take note.  Law suite tenants, executive suite members, office center companies, and more.

  • Ensure Compliance. This is mainly for e-signatures.  Make sure you are familiar with the Federal E-sign Act. Also;
  • Keep backups’s of documents.  This is obvious, but sometimes we forget to do the easy stuff.  Also;
  • Don’t copy and paste.  If you copy and past your e-signature, somebody else could lift your signature and use it.
  • Use a trusted application.  You need to know how it works.  You also need know the security features. Additionally;
  • Keep it local.   They recommend storing documents on a server on your property.  Many security experts have other opinions.  Finally;
  • Know when to sign in person.  This tip is also only for e-signature issues.  For law suite tenants, think about who your clients are.  If the client relates to deceased person, a hard copy is required.   Other documents covered include eviction notices, court orders and other imperative orders.  These too require a physical signature.


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