Moving office checklist

If your business is contemplating a move to a new office space, please take some time to review the checklist below. This checklist is courtesy of Moving Ahead Services. – The staff at Legal-lease have added a few items below that are specific to shared office situations.

Six months before moving to a new office space

Establish a “move committee” of key staff members
Meet with space planner and interior designer
Decide where to place professionals that are sharing office space with the firm
Cluster them together if possible
Meet with telecommunications people and discuss design of telecommunication system and budgetary figures Request preliminary cost estimates
Identify initial layout of computer facilities

Three months before moving

Follow up and meet with “move committee”
Select the telephone system
Incorporate office design changes
Develop computer facility plans – If you have any shared space arrangements, discuss initial plans with these parties
If any subtenants plan to join you, check that they will be permitted on the lease at the new location

Two months before moving

Confirm phone system order/hook-up
Complete office service changes: Stationery Address changes
Copier service
Vending machines
Plant service
New purchases
Choose moving company
Finalize floor plans and telephone changes – this will be especially important if contemplating a shared office

One month before moving office space

Notify all suppliers of new office location
Notify customers of new office space location
Schedule equipment services for a day prior to move Verify computer system progress
Conduct employee orientation meetings Two-three weeks before moving
Arrange for new parking spaces
Order building and office keys
Confirm move with building manager
Meet with mover to confirm furniture and floor plans
Finalize placement of professionals sharing office space
Finalize phone and computer installation
Shared office users are also effected by this decision

One week before moving

Employee pre-move meeting and packing demonstration conducted by mover
Label all furniture according to plan
Tour new facility and double-check furniture and floor plans
Finalize phone and computer installation

One day before moving

Complete packing and labeling De-install and re-install phone equipment
Walk-through with staff indicating new work areas
Post floor plans and label all areas according to plan

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