Rely on shared office space to scale geographically

Why law firms, medical / dental practices, financial firms, and others, should share space

Law office, medical dental office, financial office are just a few of the professions that benefit form shared offie space. Shared office space helps them because provides multiple office space locations.  Having office space in various locations helps the firm maximize its name exposure.  Even if a company’s new business isn’t related to foot traffic, having more visibility is helpful.  However, for most small firms, office space in multiple cities is too expensive.  Some firms will choose to share office space with similar companies. This approach offers an economic method for having offices in multiple places without having to pay a lot for office space overall.

Tools for finding shared space

Legal-lease is designed to create a fully functioning marketplace for companies to lease or sublease portions of their office space (e.g. shared office space).   If you are looking for an office to share, you are welcome to visit our site.   Use the various filters to find the office space you are looking for.

Office space doesn’t have to cost so much, especially when you realize how simple it is to share office space with another firm.  Whether it’s a law office, a medical/dental office, or financial office, or any other, there’s likely an option to share space.  We aim to help!

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