Sublease Office Space in Chicago

Sublease Office Space in Chicago

Find the Right Commercial Sublease in Chicago

Legal-Lease is the ideal platform for clients in need of an office space or who want to list an additional space to other professionals. Our goal is to make commercial sublease in Chicago convenient and easier.

Designed to aggregate the demand of clients who wish to share their law firm offices with other individuals or organizations, we connect legal and other professionals to firms with available office spaces.  

We provide sublease services for the following professions:

  • Law: solo practitioners or small firm lawyers launching their own firm; we relieve clients from the stress of finding a law office that meets their needs.
  • Medical/Dental: healthcare professionals require special spaces that meet the needs of their patients. We utilize our local market expertise to understand patient proximity bases, build-out allowances, and location needs.
  • Finance: private offices for accountants, mortgage brokers, and consultants that come with workstations and conference rooms
  • General offices: investment management and trading, as well as non-profit organizations, can also find shared spaces in our platform.


Looking for a Space

If you are looking for individual offices for rent, our platform offers a broad selection of Chicago offices for sublease. Small and solo practitioners interested in sharing a larger firm can view all the commercial listings on our site for free. Each listing comes complete with the advertiser’s contact information. Just use our search bar to begin.

Offering Extra Offices

If you wish to sublease an office space in Chicago, our team serves as your principal contact with potential lawyers or other professions seeking shared spaces. We allow you to create a customized listing containing all vital information about your property. So you get full editorial control over your listings.

Our Goal

The platform’s primary objective is to match office spaces with lawyers, medical professionals, CPAs, and other individuals seeking spaces in shared offices. Apart from its easy-to-use feature, the site is backed by an excellent level of customer service. Our team is always available for client concerns.

Legal-Lease helps clients find the perfect space to meet all of their objectives. Begin your search. Call or email us today for further information.