The Final Ruling

The Legal-lease™ platform is much more than an online classified service for shared law office space – it’s a solutions based system developed with one goal in mind; helping small and medium size firms share law offices within their suites. While lawyers are the primary users of this service, we have successfully listed shared office space for a variety of companies including:

When it comes to shared law office space, the Legal-lease™ platform consistently outperforms classified services. There are many reasons why shared law office space is easier to find using our shared law office platform. Because Legal-lease™ is managed by a licensed commercial real estate firm, we utilize a mix of innovative marketing techniques and sales strategies that none of our competitors can match. These techniques help our clients gain maximum market exposure at a minimum cost. Note: the listing firm pays all fees for using this service to list their shared law office space, not the individual or company looking for shared law office space.

Some of our primary strategies include:

An additional advantage this platform has for listing shared law office space or finding shared law office space is that it’s far less expensive than traditional print or online classified services. View our pricing options to learn more about the cost for listing your shared law office space.